Hey and welcome to Chasing Crusoe!

I’m Rebecca. 🙂 I am married to an amazing man, Brent, and we have 4 beautiful children ranging from 2-11 years. We love the outdoors and life on our rural New Zealand farm. We dream of one day being off-grid and self-sufficient and here you can follow our family of 6 as we adventure through life and work towards this. 

I read a lot. I wanted a platform to motivate, inspire, entertain or just to keep you company; as what I have read over the years has done for me. I’m by no means a homesteading expert, but I’m authentic and write from the heart.

Chasing Crusoe is all about Chasing Simple Back-To-Basic Living.

I love nothing more than foraging in the garden & creating meals using what we have.

My blog is only beginning…but I have lots to share and lots to learn both In The Garden and In The Kitchen, so I hope you enjoy journeying with us!

The photos on my blog, Facebook & Instagram are my own personal photos taken in our garden & kitchen and are not to be uploaded, used or reproduced without permission. Thank you.


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” -Robert Brault.

Kids Sheep Nov 17 Black n White



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