Growing Hydrangeas From Cuttings – Chasing Crusoe.

Old fashioned, romantic Hydrangeas…vintage cool, country chic and they stir up memories of Nana’s garden. ❤


I recently purchased a new Hydrangea from a local garden centre. It’s called Bridal Bouquet and has white flowers. I happily paid $15 for it and can’t wait to see it in Summer b-u-t it really inspired me to make more effort after being reminded how easily many flowers & plants can be propagated.

Hydrangeas are easily grown from an established plant. Here’s how…


After the plant has flowered, it will be due for a good prune. Winter is a good time for this.


To take some cuttings to propagate, cut stems of approximately 15cm. Cut where there is a node (these develop into the leaves) above & below on the stem. Trim off any remaining leaves or flowers.

(Don’t forget to leave plenty on your existing plant, to come away again!).

Dig cuttings 5cm or so deep, directly into free draining soil in a partially sunny area.

Alternatively you can start them off in a pot, placed in partial sun and then transfer them once roots have started to establish. Roots will develop within a few weeks, temperature dependent.

It really is as easy as that!

I’d love to hear what plants you grow from cuttings?😊



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