Week 1 Diary – ‘Plastic Free July’ – Chasing Crusoe.

In support of July 2019 – ‘Plastic Free July’, here is Part 1 of a 4 Part series in which our family makes some changes…

So July 2019 is upon us – ‘Plastic Free July’ – a worldwide movement initiated to help rally a cleaner, greener world by encouraging us to turn down single-use plastics for the entire month of July. This would hopefully encourage more of an awareness, from which these habits could be adopted for a lifetime.

In support of July 2019 – ‘Plastic Free July’, our family is focusing on 5 changes per week, for the next 4 weeks, as alternatives to single-use plastics.

We are just a regular family seeking to be intentional with our decision making and trying to do the best we can, as we can. We have always tried to live life a little more simply, but in certain areas, we can make improvements and steer our family in a positive direction to have healthier consequences for our planet.

I have been consciously watching our rubbish bags and seeing what fills them the most. It is from this, that I am becoming more aware of the changes that we can make. Every household is likely to have variations of this, so it has been helpful for us to do this exercise in our planning for ‘Plastic Free July’.

So for Week 1 of ‘Plastic Free July’, here are our 5 main changes for us to focus on…

Number 1.

In a quest to reduce our usage of shampoo and conditioner bottles, we are making some changes. We are switching to these in a bar form, sourced locally, to avoid further packaging. Lovely Megan from Left Field Design is helping us with this.

We currently use a bottle of each shampoo and conditioner a week, so by initiating this change, we can reduce our usage of plastic bottles by 104 bottles per year!

In the short-term future, I intend to purchase kits to make my own from Go Native as recommended to me by a soap making friend. But I am also conscious to be realistic and not over commit myself, so this will on the agenda shortly – maybe after I have planted 100 strawberry seedlings this week…😯


Number 2.

I have made a realistic goal to make our own bread 2-3 times a week. We consume a loaf a day in our household, so this would reduce a potential 104-156 plastic single-use bread bags from entering landfills each year from our home.

I have a 12 year old foodie in the home that would relish this opportunity, so I plan to outwork some of this loaf making to her.


Number 3.

Fruit and vegetable single-use bags are exempt from the ban on single-use bags in New Zealand commencing 1st July 2019.

Although we grow a lot of our own fruit & vegetables and try to purchase the remainder sourced from a local farm, for any items purchased at a supermarket, I will refrain from usually plastic bags available and only use my stash of reusable fabric bags.



Number 4.

We are pretty good with water bottles and only very occasionally get caught short and purchase a single-use water bottle while out.

This week I plan to communicate to the kids about ‘Plastic Free July’ and the environmental impact that they can have, by simply being organised and ensuring they take a water bottle out with them each time.



Number 5.

Baking! I need to be more efficient with my time and factor in more baking time each week. I will confess, I have gone from a place of making most of our own baking, to of late purchasing single-use packaged muesli bars for the convenience and time factor.

I actually love to bake and so do all my kids, I only ‘work’ part-time away from home, part-time from home and although my life is busy with my tribe and lots of gardening, there really is no excuse!

So this is actually going to be the hardest one for me – with a growing tribe of 4 kids and a physically active working husband – they can consume quite a bit of food! But I’m determined to do this…watch this space! Feel free to hold me accountable.😊



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