Week 2 Diary – ‘Plastic Free July’ – Chasing Crusoe.

In support of July 2019 – ‘Plastic Free July’, here is Part 2 of a 4 Part series in which our family makes some changes…

So July 2019 is upon us – ‘Plastic Free July’ – a worldwide movement initiated to help rally a cleaner, greener world by encouraging us to turn down single-use plastics for the entire month of July. This would hopefully encourage more of an awareness, from which these habits could be adopted for a lifetime.

Our family is focusing on 5 changes per week, for the next 4 weeks. If you missed Part 1 of this series you can catch up on changes 1-5 here

We are just a regular family seeking to be intentional with our decision making and trying to do the best we can, as we can. We have always tried to live life a little more simply, but in certain areas, we can make improvements and steer our family in a positive direction to have healthier consequences for our planet.

This past week I have continued to  watch our rubbish bags to see what is going into them and taking note of any changes that we can make.

Here is what we have been working on during this 2nd week of July…

Number 6.

I now purchase my cooking oil in my own glass jars, as opposed to in plastic bottles. I think I will be more conscious of how much I use at a time since as well. I have opted to use a jar and will need to spoon it out so I should use considerably less. Another easy switch to ditch the plastic!


Number 7.

I’m loving reusable homemade (by my lovely Mum) cloths for kitchen use and cleaning. She has recently improved her product from using 85% recycled cotton to 100% organic cotton. Go Mum! xx

There are many talented local people with small businesses you could support, who make similar products. Miss Lily have 100% cotton ones that can be composted at the end of their life. Earthsavvy have cute crocheted ones that can also be composted. Have a look in your local area at markets or jump online and search – there are so many talented people trying to make a difference to our planet, to support.

These cloths eliminates the need to purchase cloths in plastic wrapping as well as individually packaged cleaning wipes.

Come to think of it…maybe I should do another giveaway of a set of Mum’s cloths for Plastic Free July… Be sure to comment back on the Facebook post if you think that’s a good idea!😉


Number 8.

Our toothbrushes were (over)due for replacing – oops! So we have changed to plastic free alternatives. My 2 youngest chose bamboo toothbrushes while the rest of us opted for toothbrushes with handles that are made with cornstarch and are hence biodegradable.

There are many great stockists of such products online in New Zealand: In My Kitchen is one great example. Even shops like your local Bin Inn or health shop will likely have a selection to choose from.


Number 9.

Gone are the individual yogurt pots and single-use suckie type yogurts that were admittedly soooooo convenient for lunchboxes.

I am now either making my own using this simple method detailed here by Elien from Home Grown Happiness. (If you haven’t checked out her blog, I would highly recommend it. It is full of inspiration on home grown goodness with delightful recipes where she makes use of seasonal goodness and her garden).

For days when I just can’t pull this off, I already have a yogurt maker for using packaged yogurts that just need the addition of water and heat. .. Although they are in a foil packet, over time they would contribute substantially less waste from 1 bag that provides 1kg of yogurt, as opposed to individual pots or pouches. And it’s all about doing the best we can, as we can!

We have plenty of small reusable containers to fill small portions for lunchboxes so another pretty simple switch for our family.



Number 10.

It’s the school holidays for the next few weeks – yay! My little family and I will be venturing out on adventures and play dates. I’m determined to be organised with taking packed snacks to avoid last minute dashes for food with plastic waste – apart from a few little occasions.

All it takes is a quality lunchbox with divided sections and a few minutes of time to fill. I love the Sandwich Keeper Plus by Tupperware that are BPA free and recyclable at the end of their life. There are so many amazing options available and as long as they all help towards a more zero-waste mindset, mission complete!


One thought on “Week 2 Diary – ‘Plastic Free July’ – Chasing Crusoe.

  1. Good work Becs. It’s really cool to hear what you’re up to. l will confess I’m not as intentional when it comes to plastic but your writing is encouraging and inspiring. Thanks


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