Week 3 Diary – ‘Plastic Free July’ – Chasing Crusoe.

In support of July 2019 – ‘Plastic Free July’, here is Part 3 of a 4 Part series in which our family makes some changes…

So July 2019 is upon us – ‘Plastic Free July’ – a worldwide movement initiated to help rally a cleaner, greener world by encouraging us to turn down single-use plastics for the entire month of July. This would hopefully encourage more of an awareness, from which these habits could be adopted for a lifetime.

Our family is focusing on 5 changes per week, for the 4 weeks of July.

If you missed Part 1 of this series you can catch up on changes 1-5 here

If you missed Part 2 of this series you can catch up on changes 6-10 here

This past week I have continued to watch our rubbish bags to see what is going into them and taking note of any changes that we can make. We have come a long way, but we are still on a journey and we can still make improvements to help steer our family in a positive direction to have healthier consequences for our planet.

Here is what we have been working on during this 3rd week of July…

Number 11.

This week I’ve added to my growing collection of homemade cloths – thanks Mum. xx

Aside from that I think I’m developing a slight obsession with gorgeous homemade cloths, in doing so, I won’t need to purchase any in plastic or cleaning wipes in plastic packaging either.

There are many talented local people with small businesses you could support, who make similar products. Miss Lily have 100% cotton ones that can be composted at the end of their life. Earthsavvy have cute crocheted ones that can also be composted. Have a look in your local area at markets or jump online and search – there are so many talented people trying to make a difference to our planet, to support.


Number 12.

I refilled my existing ecostore dish washing liquid bottle at our nearby Bin Inn. They provided a funnel for me to fill from their bulk containers and it cost less than the cost of a new bottle of detergent from the supermarket. This was an easy switch for our family to make.



Number 13.

I’m trialling a new deodorant by dirty hippie. This is all new to me but apparently this tiny jar is all I need to last for months! This small change will eliminate approximately 12+ plastic deodorant containers a year – winning!

(Side note…How cute is this little heart shaped eco-cloth that my 12 year old knitted for me? Love her!)💟



Number 14.

We’re always trying to build up our vegetable garden with produce we eat most, especially if it’s produce that is purchased packaged otherwise.

This week we planted more brassicas and lettuce mixes, some edible flowers for garnishing baking/salads and a strawberry patch for spring/summer.


Number 15.

We are now purchasing many weekly grocery items from our local Bin Inn. It’s my new favourite shop and plastic-free heaven. They offer a 5% discount if you refill your own container/jar from home and they also offer a loyalty program, as well as a simply incredible range of goodness.

Some of the items we have purchased include: dehydrated strawberries, toasted Swiss muesli, cornflakes, extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, sweets and broccoli chips. All were of tip-top standard.

As time goes on, I can see us purchasing most grocery items in our own containers in this way.

I hope that you have access to amazing stores or markets like this in your home town. Once you stumble upon them, it is extremely rewarding to shop like this and kinda addictive!



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