Week 4 Diary – ‘Plastic Free July’ – Chasing Crusoe.

In support of July 2019 – ‘Plastic Free July’, here is Part 4 of a 4 Part series in which our family makes some changes…

So July 2019 is upon us – ‘Plastic Free July’ – a worldwide movement initiated to help rally a cleaner, greener world by encouraging us to turn down single-use plastics for the entire month of July. This would hopefully encourage more of an awareness, from which these habits could be adopted for a lifetime.

Our family is focusing on 5 changes per week, for the 4 weeks of July.

If you missed Part 1-3 of this series you can catch up on changes 1-5 here, changes 6-10 here and changes 11-15 here.

We are now noticing that we have waaaay less rubbish heading to landfill since initiating a whole lot of changes – yay! We can still make improvements to help steer our family in a positive direction to have healthier consequences for our planet, but we have come a long way. The best part is that I don’t see us reverting back to any of our old ways – everything that we have started being more intentional about, is working well.

Here is what we have been working on during this 4th week of July…

Number 16.

We eat plenty of citrus in our home, so I’m starting to make Citrus All-Purpose Cleaning Spray using this easy recipe from Hannah & Liam from The Rubbish Trip. You can find their recipe here. I use limes, but whatever citrus you eat or have access to will work.

In doing so, I don’t have to purchase any more cleaning products in plastic bottles and I can reuse the existing bottles that I do already have.


Number 17.

We have been a bit light on multipurpose cloths for cleaning etc. I re-purposed an old flannelette sheet into some cloths this week. I didn’t edge them or anything, as I can’t sew haha! I literally just cut the sheet up into suitable size pieces and these cloths are working out great!

By using these, this eliminates any need to purchase cloths packaged in plastic or disposable cleaning wipes in plastic packaging.



Number 18.

Between working a late shift and planning to go to the supermarket after the following morning’s shift at work, I forgot to pack my produce bags *sigh*. I saw the plastic bags conveniently sitting in the produce section, but opted to not use any and to just place the fruit & veges I needed straight into the trolley. The kind checkout assistant didn’t even raise an eyebrow as she had to pile each group of produce up on the scales. So easy!



Number 19.

We have continued to refill existing containers & jars at our local Bin Inn. This is saving so much plastic packaging as we simply get our containers weighed, fill them and then pay, eliminating any packaging whatsoever.

This week we have added to our basics with rolled oats, cornflakes, toasted muesli as well as finding some delicious treats – dehydrated apples, dehydrated blueberries, peanut butter pretzels, diced coconut pieces and dehydrated mango to supplement our baking.


Number 20.

At our local Bin Inn this week I refilled an old milk bottle with a bulk supply container of ecocare toilet cleaner and an existing dishwashing bottle with ecocare dishwashing liquid. So simple and no more regular plastic bottle purchases of these items anymore either, yay!


This is our final diary update to wrap up ‘Plastic Free July’ for 2019 for our family. I’m pleased to say that our changes will transcend into the future and our new systems are working out well. I hope that ‘Plastic Free July’ has been successful for you and your family, in whatever capacity that means for you. Of course, I’d love to hear from you about your ‘Plastic Free July’ – your successes or tips or even what didn’t work etc. Here’s to a future of less single-use plastic!


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