Garden Planning – Chasing Crusoe.

Spring Garden Planning…I am so relieved to get this finished, it’s been on my mind!

I try to give consideration to these 6 things, the best I can with my planning…

1)Companion Planting.
Certain vegetables grow well near each other and others, not so much. Also, companion planting can help deter certain pests common to some plants. Tui Home & Garden have this useful guide.πŸ‘‡…/companion-planting-guide/


I try to switch growing spots for plants each growing period where possible. This helps reduce diseases & pests aswell as helping soil build up nutrients & not get depleted of them.


It’s hard to believe those tiny seedlings will get big…but they will! I follow guidelines of spacing, so that plants grow the best they can as they have more access to the nutrients/sun/water they need & to allow good air circulation.

4)Shade of Other Plants.

I consider how big things will grow & plant taller plants at the rear, so as not to shade plants behind them.


If you have lived at your place for a while, you will be familiar as to how the sun tracks throughout the day. I use this to help utilize the sunniest spots for those plants requiring full sun & I plant ones that will tolerate more shade, in the shady areas.

Knowing any windy spots enables this to be factored in. For example, I have a few areas that front the wind so I won’t plant corn that can be blown over in wind, instead planting that in a more sheltered position.


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