Spring: October In The Garden – Chasing Crusoe.

Spring – October

North Island New Zealand

Temperate With Frosts

Second month of Spring already! By now the soils are warming and the sun is most definitely shining. Lots of windy days and still a few cool nights.

To plant this month…

Basil, beetroot, capsicum, carrots, citrus trees (grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, tangelo), corinader, corn, lettuce, parsley, peas, potatoes, radishes, silverbeet, spinach…

My top 5 in the garden for September are…


October is a great time to grow more beetroot. They are easily grown in healthy free draining soil, in a nice sunny spot.

The leaves make a colourful addition to salads, as they are edible too. And of course the beetroot roots look lovely grated into summer salads.



The soils are warming and it’s time to start thinking of getting corn on the go. Corn is best direct sowed, in a sunny sheltered spot so that they don’t get knocked about by the wind as they grow in height. They are heavy feeders and thrive in lots of rich composted soil.

We’re excited to be trying not only traditional corn this year, but also some ornamental ‘Corn Glass Gem’ by Kings Seeds. It grows rainbow coloured kernels, all unique, that I hope to make homegrown popcorn with.


It’s a great time to be planting regular supplies of lettuce in the garden, to keep up with spring/summer salads. They are easy to grow in a sunny spot, in healthy free draining soil. Be sure to water frequently or the leaves can taste bitter.

My favourite kinds are the many gourmet varieties available from garden centres, where you remove the outer leaves to use as you need and they just keep producing.



Parsley is easily gown in a sunny spot, in good quality free draining soil. Pick what you need, as you need and the plant just comes away again each time.

Parsley is so versatile, it’s one of my garden must-haves and I use it all the time. I mostly use it in salads – not just as a garnish, but as an ingredient.

I use it in my Parsley and Spinach Aioli and also my Garlic & Parsley Deviled Eggs.

With spring/summer salads coming up, it’s a perfect time to get some parsley growing.


Radishes are a quick growing crop. Most varieties are grown from seed in 30 days to little over a month.

They thrive in a nice sunny spot, in healthy free draining soil.

We’re excited to be growing a few different varieties this year, including ‘Radish Halloween Mix’ by Kings Seeds. They are only very mildly spiced and pop up in cute bright colours, perfect for kids and adults alike!


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