Stalks, Stems & Skins – Chasing Crusoe.

Stalks, stems and skins – embracing fruit and vegetables in their entirety in an attempt to help reduce the global food waste epidemic.

Food waste is a colossal worldwide problem. Globally, millions of tonnes of food waste enters landfills every year, resulting in detrimental effects to our environment. According to data from Love Food Hate Waste New Zealand, New Zealanders alone contribute 150,000 tonnes annually to this growing worldwide problem.

It appears that the problems we are facing globally, are overwhelming and that perhaps, our own personal every day decisions could not even come close to having a positive effect or even making a slight difference.

But one simple way in which we could make a start is in our homes…to utilise the parts of vegetables and fruits that we tend to discard. Even if you couldn’t manage to achieve all of this, try beginning with one or two changes and it may not be merely bearable, but also surprisingly pleasant!

Oftentimes, a lot of the taste, texture and nutrients are higher in the parts of vegetables and fruits that we have become accustomed to discarding… Continue reading “Stalks, Stems & Skins – Chasing Crusoe.”