Kiwiana Fried Green Tomatoes – Chasing Crusoe.

No doubt the heartwarming 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes springs to mind when you hear ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’. If you haven’t watched it, it’s definitely a goodie.๐Ÿ’›

Fried Green Tomatoes are an iconic food commonly enjoyed in Southern states of America. They are enjoyed as a side dish or a main meal.

I have lots and lots of green tomatoes still in the garden. I have resigned myself to the fact that they will not further ripen. Instead, I decided to try something new, add a Kiwiana touch and cook some Fried Green Tomatoes. Wow, to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised! These are actually delicious…! Continue reading “Kiwiana Fried Green Tomatoes – Chasing Crusoe.”