Winter: August In The Garden – Chasing Crusoe.

Β August – Winter

North Island, New Zealand

Temperate with Frosts

The last month of winter! We are well into the month of crisp mornings, sunny beautiful days and then frosts at night that so readily catch us out. The frosts always leave me uneasy and I wonder how my garden will cope. So far, so good!

This month there is plenty to do in the garden as we look towards spring and planning the spring/summer garden. There is still lots of options for planting in August though to ensure you have a steady supply of in-season fruits and vegetables…

To plant this month:

Beetroot, blueberries, deciduous fruit trees (apple etc), lettuce, onions, pak choy/bok choi, parsley, peas, strawberries, silver beet, spinach…

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Parsley & Spinach Aioli – Chasing Crusoe.

Parsley and spinach are garden staples. They are versatile as they can be used raw in salads as well as in many different dishes.

They are also low maintenance & easy to grow – pop them in a garden or pot and get ready for harvesting – it’s that simple! Winter is a great time of year to pop both of these in the garden.

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