When Disposable Is Not Really Disposable – Chasing Crusoe.

In support of July 2019 – ‘Plastic Free July’, let’s explore some single-use plastic alternatives…


So it has become apparent that disposable, is not really disposable… Convenient perhaps, but not disposable. Although modern innovations have helped us move forward on so many levels, simple back-to-basic living has been overlooked, put aside for the most part, and now our planet is suffering.

Approaching fast is July 2019 – ‘Plastic Free July’ – a worldwide movement initiated to help rally a cleaner, greener world by encouraging us to turn down single-use plastics for the entire month of July. This would hopefully encourage more of an awareness, from which these habits could be adopted for a lifetime.

Everybody is on a journey and it’s all about doing the best that we can, as we can. Becoming plastic free or even waste free completely, is not something that would happen overnight. But becoming more aware and making baby steps, can help us all move in this direction. It’s this accumulation of like-minded people doing their best, that can work to improve our dire environmental state.

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