Pruning Grape Vines – Chasing Crusoe.

Early winter is a perfect time to prune your grape vines. By now you would have enjoyed a delicious summer/early autumn crop and all of the leaves will be falling off, leaving the plant dormant until spring.

Pruning is important to maximise your chances of a successful harvest next season, so that the energy is going into developing grapes, rather than developing woody grape vines, of which most parts are unproductive.

Pruning also helps to protect from disease and pests, as grape vines thrive best with lots of air circulation throughout the vine.

Thirdly, pruning helps with access and harvesting and aesthetic reasons – to avoid a tangled web of trunks and foliage that can result from leaving your grapevine to go au naturale.

There are two types of pruning – cane pruning and spur pruning. Cane pruning is the typical method used for home grape vines in New Zealand. Continue reading “Pruning Grape Vines – Chasing Crusoe.”